Tired of worrying about multi-firearm sales reporting?  Take control of the 3310 process with fast3310.  Enter your store calendar and let fast3310 automatically create 3310 forms.  Both multi-handgun and multi-rifle forms are supported.  

Buyers complete their portion of the 4473 on mobile tablets or PCs while FFLs can simultaneously complete their sections.  Your customers will appreciate the reduction in time to complete the sale.  Capture signatures electronically on both mobile devices or PCs.  The fast4473 system analyzes the data that was entered and provides information helpful to reviewing the form, saving FFLs time and helping to insure ATF compliance.

You can have as many buyers completing forms at the same time as you have devices.  As noted, fast4473 is relied upon by many of the largest FFL retailers in the country, creating tens of thousands of forms daily.  Put fast4473 to work for you - Completing an ATF Form 4473 has never been easier!

Subscription Level: PRO