fast4473™ Features

Take control of the 4473 process with fast4473.  The Gun StoreMaster fast4473 system automates some of the largest firearm retailers in the country - and for good reason!  Let fast4473 help your firearm business.


Take control of the 4473 process with fast4473™.

Buyers complete their portion of the 4473 on mobile tablets or PCs while FFLs can simultaneously complete their sections. Your customers will appreciate the reduction in time to complete the sale. Capture signatures electronically on both mobile devices or PCs. The fast4473™ system analyzes the data that was entered and provides information helpful to reviewing the form, saving FFLs time and helping to insure ATF compliance.

You can have as many buyers completing forms at the same time as you have devices. As noted, fast4473™ is relied upon by many of the largest FFL retailers in the country, creating tens of thousands of forms daily. Put fast4473™ to work for you - Completing an ATF Form 4473 has never been easier!


A Firearms Transaction Record, or ATF Form 4473, is a form provided by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) required to be completed when a person wants to purchase or a firearm from a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder, such as a gun dealer.
ATF Form 4473 contains the purchaser’s name, address, date of birth, government-issued photo ID, National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) or state issued background check transaction number, and a short affidavit stating that the purchaser is eligible to purchase firearms under federal law. It also contains the make, model, or serial numbering the firearm. 
Traditionally, this form has been completed by manually handwriting the required information by the customer, and the dealer. With the Gun StoreMaster fast4473™ electronic ATF Form 4473 system, firearms dealers can quickly and accurately process forms for their buyers.
fast4473™ Highlights:
  • Customers can fill out and sign the ATF Form 4473 electronically on tablets or computer devices 
  • Never receive another incomplete form - If a question is required to be filled out by your buyer, they cannot bypass it!
  • Comprehensive alert and flagging system guides the dealer through all sorts of issues and concerns when processing a 4473 transaction.
  • fast4473™ validates certain types of data on the customer entry of Section B, making sure the most accurate data is provided every single time.
  • FFLs in FBI NICS participating states (LEEP Portal), and FFLs in Colorado (CBI) can use GSM WebAssist™ tool to help automate the background check submission process.
  • fast4473™ transaction data seamlessly integrates with Gun StoreMaster's eSAFE™ Bound Book records & fast3310™ for fast, accurate, and compliant record keeping.
  • Use of fast4473™ is compliant with regulation ATF 2016-2
  • Your buyers can complete their form, and sign electronically on a wide variety of devices and operating systems. 

License Violation Prevention:
According to the ATF's own published statistics, Form 4473 is the source of the most frequent number of cited violations during inspections of FFLs. fast4473™ & fast3310 are purpose built to help avoid some of the most common pitfalls encountered:
  • Failure to complete forms as prescribed - 27 CFR 478.21(a)
  • Failure to obtain a completed ATF F 4473 - 27 CFR 478.21(a)
  • Failure by transferor to sign and/or date an ATF F 4473 - 27 CFR 478.124(c)(5)
  • Failure to record NICS contact information on an ATF F 4473 - 27 CFR 478.124(c)(3)(iv)
  • Failure to record firearm information on an ATF F 4473 - 27 CFR 478.124(c)(4)
  • Failure to report multiple sales or other dispositions of pistols and revolvers - 27 CFR 478.126a