Unsolicited and unedited testimonials from Gun StoreMaster FFL customers.

We absolutely love GUN STOREMASTER!!! It seriously makes our lives so much easier. It literally saves me hours of time everyday. Having the ability to research a guns value, acquire it into my bound book and log it in as inventory, print price tags, and dispose of it using e4473 that auto populates the customers info into the LEEP portal is literally a Godsend, and I don't use that term lightly. This software has given us as a company the confidence that we needed to take our home based business out of the house and open an actual store front. My wife had always been a little intimidated to log guns into a our leather bound book and conduct NICS checks on the LEEP portal, as well as process a paper 4473. Gun StoreMaster is so user friendly I have literally trained my 7 & 10 year old boys how to use it. It doesn't get any better than Gun StoreMaster and we couldn't make the leap to opening an actual store front without it. Thank you Gun StoreMaster for everything that you have done for us. Our clients thank you as well for these ease of use on their end as well

Now & Then Firearms, LLC - Queen Creek, AZ Joe

It is fantastic! We are not high volume but looking up guns that come in for trade is way easier with the blue book option in GSM. I like it a lot...hate flipping through the book in front of customers...makes it look like we don't know what we are doing. Really like it.

T and L Tactical - Fresno CA Nick

Just wanted to let you know that i recently had a full blown IOI inspection and passed with flying colors.  Thanks to you and the entire Gun StoreMaster Team!  My IOI loved the system and the reports

Brothers in Arms - Athens AL Paul

ATF showed up here last week for a routine inspection.  When we handed a copy of our bound book to the inspector he was really impressed.  "This is great, what program are you using again?"  This is the 2nd time I've worked with ATF inspectors and they've all reacted the same way.

Ever since I started using GSM I can't imagine using anything else.

Great work by you and everyone on your team.

MD Arsenal - Hagerstown, MD Michael

Hands down I love this program!  Keep up the awesome work.  It saves me so much time.

Dixie Gunworx - St. George UT Chris

We started using the Gun StoreMaster as a prototype program when it was first launched. We have seen changes first hand of the program from the ground floor up. I must say this is the best computer system for my store that I have ever used. I had my first compliance audit from the ATF and wasn't very comfortable getting my books together. I contacted customer support for help with questions on getting my books ready for the audit. The support given was excellent and very easy to follow. When the agent arrived I had everything in order and ready for him to check. He was very impressed and was done in less than 1 hour. Thank you Gun StoreMaster for making my compliance audit a great success.

Sure Hit Sight Co. - Quitman LA Jason

Yes!! I love you guys, thank you so much for all your hard work. We are in the middle of our first gun show using Gun StoreMaster, did 120 4473s yesterday and it's going great. Can't wait to try the new features on Tuesday.

Rick's Antelope Valley Pawn Shop - Lancaster CA Jared

As I mentioned, we built our new store around Gun store master and could not be happier with it. When I opened my own store, I had a lot of experience with other bound book systems and by the grace of god we found GSM. It has been a huge blessing for our business and I believe it gives us a leg up on our competition. !

Rehv Arms, LLC - Covington, WA Jody

We love Gun StoreMaster. We should have switched along time ago. Thanks for providing a great program. I'll keep telling people on the FFL pages. 

Middletown Firearms, LLC - Middletown, VA Travis

Prior to using Gun StoreMaster, our company used a competitor’s software for a four year period. We decided to review other vendors and tested the software provided by Gun StoreMaster.

The test revealed the software had a much better error prevention capability built into the 4473 completion process. We switched to Gun Store Master and our error rate improved.  The software improved our inventory taking process in addition to improving the acquisition/disposition process. Great product!

Customer service and support is very good and I know we made the right decision in changing to Gun StoreMaster.

Sportsman's Guide - South St. Paul, MN Gary

The existing offerings, along with your development processes and timely/informative replies, has made making the decision of which software platform to choose much easier.

Gun StoreMaster comes out the clear winner.

BTW, you need to strongly suggest to anyone using the program to buy a barcode scanner.  Using one make inputting multiples of the same firearm a snap!

Strategic Outfitters - Eustis FL Doug

Attention to detail, quick response to technical support, and the tireless approach to new users, like myself, is why I am positive I made the right choice when going with Gun StoreMaster. Thank you all

Zink Arms - Nottingham MD Charly

5 Star Customer Support is only a phone call away with GSM. Steve and Lawrence walked me through all the steps necessary to correct the issue I had, all the time they had positive and professional attitudes. I recommend this software for any gun shop owner who wants things done right the first time.

Femme Fatale ARMS - Melbourne FL Maria

You guys have a great system, excellent customer service, and I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Evolution Arms - Oakdale, MN Ben

We love your program...



This software is great. We checked in 100 guns in 30 minutes.

The Southern Connection Police Supply - Ridgeland MS Dick

I also wanted to tell you that I got a call from the FBI and they needed a trace on a firearm - with the serial number they provided - it took me less than 2 minutes to find the firearm - look up the 4473 and provide all the info they requested!!! Even the agent was shocked that I could locate the data soooooo quickly!!!

Storied Firearms - Austin TX Cherie

Also, we and our mold shop are loving the serialized batch for A & D!

Tennessee Arms Company - Dyersburg TN Hannah

Wow!  Can't wait. I love your product. I could not stay compliant (or in business) without it!

Saxonville Armory - Framingham, MA David

We absolutely believe in this program. We were audited a couple of times over the years and the Agents were always impressed. One even called us to get the name again so he could recommend it to some dealers that were not keeping good records. You guys made our lives so much easier. You will never know how much we appreciated everything you all did for us. Thanks again.

I too am very much enjoying the new feature. Anything that makes my work load easier is a hit with me. You are making some very positive improvements and we get excited every time we see your progress. We tell everyone we know about this program, so I hope other are getting on board too.

B & S Guns and Ammo - Lufkin TX Bob and Sandra

Having used Gun StoreMaster for almost 10 years with no integration to our prior point of sale, it is now a relief to have a fully integrated system with Celerant and Gun StoreMaster.

Having the GSM A&D book and e4473 integrated at the point of sale, saves so much time. Firearms for sale, only have to get entered once, and are automatically sent to GSM after each sale; the bound book is updated immediately and without any additional manual entry.  

GSM is the best electronic A&D book on the market; and now having that integrated with Celerant's point of sale gives peace of mind that mistakes with e4473's and A&D book will be non-existent.

Bear Creek Firearms - Keller, TXScott

I've got a whole lot of good things to say about your program. Especially the fact that we were up and running very quickly. Your program has vastly improved our store, much appreciated!

Huron Valley Guns - Milford MI Ed